Understand Health Profession Regulation

What are Health Regulatory Colleges?

The goal of the health regulatory colleges exist to protect the public. Each college regulates the health professionals that belong to their college.  The college set standards for their members to ensure that Manitobans receive safe, competent and ethical care.

How do regulatory colleges work?

Each college is responsible for setting and enforcing standards, or rules, for their profession. The college oversees the registration of its members.  This ensures that the health care professional has the education and training needed to provide services in Manitoba.

Governance Structure of the Regulatory Colleges

Each college has a council which includes members of the public and of the profession. The council oversees and is accountable for the college’s activities. This is called self-regulation. Self-regulation is a privilege granted by government. It acknowledges that a profession is in the best position to regulate itself because of its specialized body of knowledge.